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  • Where are your offices based and can I drop off my computer at your offices?          +

    Our offices are based off 14th Avenue near Constantia Kloof, however we cover majority of Johannesburg. This is our Technical Workshop and not a walk-in store. As we are on an-site company we come out to you with no need for you to worry yourself and spend your precious time coming to us. Our technical workshop is also a secure facility with protocols in place as we are also a data center.

  • Do you charge per hour?         +

    No, we do not. Unlike our competitors we do not have an hourly fee for majority of our services as this is neither efficient nor cost effective for the client. We charge a call-out fee to come out to you which includes the assessment of your computer or device, we then quote a fixed price on resolving your issue which allows you to know fully well what cost be incurred.

  • What is a Call-Out fee?          +

    A call-out fee is the cost of a qualified and experienced technician coming out to you and assessing your computer problems. The call-out fee includes travel cost and the time of the technician coming out to you.

  • Will my data be lost if you repair my computer?          +

    Your data remains as is, we do not alter, delete or even view your data unless authorized by you.


  • Do you have a Warranty / Guarantee?          +

    All hardware sold is covered under the manufacturers’ warranty / guarantee terms.


  • Do I need to fill in and send any forms before a technician comes through?          +

    No, all you need to do is call or email our help-desk and we will arrange for a technician to come through as soon as possible.

  • How old is Pc Xperts?          +

    Pc Xperts was founded in 2009 and has grown in leaps and bounds over years and is now the preferred partner of many homes, home businesses and businesses.

  • How do I pay?          +

    We will send you an invoice and payment can be made via EFT to the account details provided on the invoice.


  • What is your turn around for booking a call-out?          +

    This is all dependent on technician availability, you can usually get a booking on the same day or next day in most cases.


  • Another company confirmed a booking with me but the technician did not pitch,

    how do I know your technician will come out to me?                                                          +

    Our booking system is state of the art allowing very little room for error. As we don’t use an hourly system our scheduling usually remains on track as we assess the time needed for a client beforehand so we tend not to end up rescheduling or not coming out to you due to the previous client taking more time than needed.


  • Will I get a knowledgeable and experienced tech and not a newbie?          +

    Our technicians are highly trained professionals with all of our on-site technicians having in-house experience in our workshop before servicing an on-site client. This ensures they are competent and in line with our policies and high standard of workmanship. All our technicians have years of experience under their belt with in-depth knowledge of the latest in tech.


  • Why on-site support rather than me just taking my computer to a computer store?          +

  • Can I trust a Remote login?          +

  • What precautions are taken during Covid-19?          +

  • What does 24/7 workshop technicians mean?          +

For any further questions you might have do feel free to email our support team at & for customer feedback you can use our email address.

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We service almost all of Gauteng, Including but not limited to Johannesburg, Johannesburg North, Johannesburg South, Midrand, West Rand, East Rand

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