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Slow Computer?

You might have a hardware issue such as a failing hard drive, bad memory, thermal throttling and the list goes on. With our hardware diagnostic and assessment, we can tell you if your hardware is slowing your computer down.

Hardware Troubleshooting

Does your computer have pesky hardware issues that you just don’t know how to fix? Let us take over, find the issue and resolve it.

Internet & Network

We cover a whole variety of Network and Internet Hardware from Router, Switches, Modems and Gateways, Firewalls, Cabling, Ubiquity Access Points, Range Extenders. A lot of internet and network issues may be related to hardware such as slow and intermittent internet, poor coverage and signal, unstable connection etc.

Laptop & Computer Upgrades

Our hardware upgrades allow you to breathe life into your old computer or laptop by increasing system performance and speed at a fraction of the cost of a brand-new replacement. Upgrades can include memory, an extra hard drive and storage or for ultra-performance an SSD drive which can give you around a 4 – 5 X performance boost.

Hardware Servicing

Is your system noisy and loud, too hot to touch, randomly restarting or has a performance decrease? These are some of the signs your computer needs a hardware service. Our techs expertly optimize and service all internal components ensuring your PC or Mac is in tip-top shape whilst taking the utmost care of your precious device.

SSD Upgrades & Cloning

SSDs are the best upgrade option in terms of price vs performance. Traditional Hard Disk Drives or HDDs generally operate at a speed of 80 – 120 MBps, SSD’s offers speeds of 500 – 550 MBps with NMVE SSDs allowing for speeds up to 3500 MBps on Gen3 and a whooping 7000 MBps on Gen4! These enormous speed gains allow your Laptop, PC and even Apple Mac to increase start up speed, opening up programs, using programs and browsing your computer. An SSD can be used to enhance the speed of new computers or revive old computers, allowing them to compete with newer models.


Cloning is the process of making an exact copy of your hard drive, which means that by upgrading to an SSD you won’t lose any data, programs and settings. Everything will remain as it were. Additional benefits of an SSD is no gradual slowdown of your pc over its life span, longer battery life on your laptop, consumes less power, quieter & cooler as there are no moving parts in an SSD, lasts longer than a standard drive as it has a higher life time expectancy and is able to handle movement like traveling, a lot better.

Mac OS & Windows Support


Gaming Computer Assembly

On-Site or Off-site assembly of your gaming or custom-built computer. Our experienced techs have the knowledge and experience of all the latest and trending tech, ensuring the perfectly built system. From scratch builds to existing systems, cable management, RGB integration, adding additional or replacing hardware like Graphics cards and RAM, Overclocking, Optimization we can provide a solution. We support all of the major gaming brands and series ranging from Intel, AMD, Nvidia

Cabled internet

A cabled connection allows for the most stable and fastest connection to your internet router modem. We are able to connect your compatible device to your internet source via an Ethernet cable. Possible connections for a cable could be to your computer and laptop, smart tv, CCTV, DSTV, extending connection to areas of your premises that wireless does not cover, connecting access points, allowing for connection in other buildings of your property like cottages and entertainment areas.

Indoor Wireless

Do you need better Wi-Fi speeds and coverage indoors or is your internet slow and intermittent, dropping connection all the time? We are able to solve these issues by using wireless repeaters, wireless access points, router upgrades, high gain antennas etc. Contact us for a full network assessment so you can get the best out of your internet.

Apple Mac Upgrades

When it comes to Apple devices not many companies offer hardware upgrades, but we aren’t just any company, we are the Xperts! We provide upgrade options for MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, iMac Pro. We can upgrade your RAM as well as upgrading older Macs from a standard Hard Drive to an SSD Drive or should you have a newer mac which already has an SSD but you are running low on storage space, we can replace Apples OEM SSD with a larger one and the best part is you keep all your data and programs!

Outdoor Wireless

We provide products to homes and businesses for excellent outdoor Wi-Fi coverage. These wireless devices allow you to have excellent Wi-Fi coverage and speeds poolside. A friendly technician can assess your needs on-site and provide a solution for specific needs.

Firewalls & Internet Security

With your online presence ever increasing your internet security can sometimes fall short and allow for security breaches. With a dedicated firewall all network traffic will be screened allowing for your peace of mind. We also assist with home and business network security audits.

Trade-in Program

Have a device you no longer use or want to trade in your pre-loved laptop or computer to get a newer device? Allow us to get you the latest in tech without breaking the bank!


New Sales

CPO & Refurbished Sales

We supply, install and configure home, business and gaming laptops as well as desktops, not to forget your add on devices such as, printers, monitors, peripherals and all things tech. Contact us with your requirements or we can setup a consult to assess your needs.

Certified Pre-Owned or CPO products have been greatly seeing an increase in sales in recent years, as CPO and Refurbished products give you what you need at a fraction of the cost. Our Laptops & Desktops are multipoint checked and come with a warranty which gives you piece of mind. This solution is perfect for businesses needing bulk, cost effective devices such as call centres or schools or individuals needing a budget friendly solution.

Laptop & Desktop Rentals

Printer Hardware Servicing Repairs & Diagnostics

In the world we live in, it’s very hard to be without your computer. From either your current device being booked in for a repair, renting a device during a business trip, only needing a device for a certain amount of time and it doesn’t make sense to buy it outright, or for whatever reason you might need a rental device, we have options for you. Let us know your requirements and we will assist you. We also offer long term leases on devices for multiuser environments like call centres and schools.

Being a transparent company it’s our duty to let you know the facts. A large percentage of consumer grade printers are uneconomical to repair. Meaning cost of labour and parts are very close and sometimes greater than the retail value of the printer and is more sensible to buy a new printer should say the print head need replacement. However, some printers are worth the repair depending on the specifications, in this case we pick it up and book it into inhouse workshop for our techs to diagnose. We then provide a report and use OEM replacement parts with warranty.

Component Level Board PCB Repairs & Micro-Soldering

Backup Power & UPS Systems

We work on motherboards and circuitry allowing us to repair “dead” laptops and desktops and fix those dreaded graphics card failures. We have an excellent success rate with exceptional turnaround time.

We supply and install fully and semi-integrated power backup systems that can automatically take over in power failures and load shedding. Your home and business can be fully powered by the backup system alternatively select devices and essential systems can be powered. UPS systems can also prevent power surges and dips protecting your electronic devices. Our techs can assess your needs and calculate how much power you need and provide a solution just for you.


Service Coverage Areas

We service almost all of Gauteng, Including but not limited to Johannesburg, Johannesburg North, Johannesburg South, Midrand, West Rand, East Rand

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