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Computer Repair Parkhurst │ Pc Repairs Parkhurst │Computer repairs Parkhurst south │ Onsite computer repairs Parkhurst │ Parkhurst South Africa

We offer onsite and offsite services in repair of computers Parkhurst , Computer repairs Parkhurst, Pc repairs Parkhurst,computer,pc repair Parkhurst south.motherboard replacement Parkhurst,Computer problems Parkhurst, Fresh installation of Windows Parkhurst, Virus cleaning Parkhurst, Hardware & software repairs(installation ,upgrade and maintenance)– Parkhurst, South Africa

Computer Problems │Fix my computer

* Computer running slow

* computer over heating.

* computer not connecting to the internet.(internet connectivity problems)

* computer not recognizing any USB connected to it.

We offer onsite and offsite services in repair of Desktop computers Parkhurst,laptop Computers Parkhurst ,Motherboard Replacement Parkhurst, computer memory upgrade Parkhurst, Virus cleaning Parkhurst,Fresh installation of windows Parkhurst , and all Computer programs Parkhurst , system upgrade

if you staying in areas around Johannesburg looking for Computer repairs Parkhurst, laptop repair Parkhurst , laptop screen replacement, computer repair Parkhurst, computer hard drive replacement Parkhurst

we repair and replace all computer hardware , the motherboard repair and system upgrade ,we upgrade your computer memory .For your computer to run fast you must install enough memory , and make sure that the processor is working properly Parkhurst

Fresh installation of Windows (Windows 7 all Editions, Windows 8 all editions , Windows 10) Parkhurst

installation of Microsoft Office 2007,2010,2013 and Ms office 2016 Parkhurst

we are mobile Technicians Parkhurst ,we move all around Parkhurst,For all your computer problem Parkhurst, Computer crashed hard drives, computer softwares we are here to assist you Parkhurst

We repair laptop software Parkhurst, we install ,upgrade and maintain laptop software. Fresh installation of windows ,installation of Microsoft office , installation of Anti-virus ,if your laptop software need to be cleaned or re-installed we are here to help you . For some windows software(windows operating systems ), A computer virus can crash all your files ,can crash your Laptop Hard drive , a computer virus start by attacking your installed windows that is running your files ,if your laptop windows software files are corrupted by the viruses .then the virus starts to attack everything saved in a hard drive,You can loose everything .To avoid that to happen ,have someone who can update and clean viruses for your laptop .Call us today , you don't have to worry about taking your Laptop to us , we offer onsite and offsite services Parkhurst. Laptop random shut downs - we fix all hardware or software related issues that causes random shut downs. Laptop not connecting to internet- we fix all connectivity issues Parkhurst, if your laptop is not connecting to internet we repair all corrupted software and setup your network Parkhurst

Network setup to your laptop - we setup wireless networks or ethernet cable network for your laptop Parkhurst. Laptop not responding - slow responding laptops , we repair all missing files and corrupted files for the laptop software Parkhurst.



On-site & remote i.t support


I.T Support  |  Networking  |  data recovery   |   security Solutions

011 025 4056   |   help@pcxperts.co.za

Fast Response Time


Stringent Data Protection Measures


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Your Data Is Our Priority

Home & Business Support


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Our Technicians Are Patient, Efficient And Flexible. Solving Problems Like:

'' My Printer Is Not Printing''

'' My Wifi Is Problematic''

'' I Have Strange Pop-up Messages''

'' My Computer Is Painfully Sloooow''

To The Endless I.T. Problems We Face Daily.

We don't speak NERD, GEEK or JARGON we speak to you! We ensure you as our valued client fully understand us and how we can assist you. We have a no frills, no fuss approach ensuring you have a convenient way of resolving your tech issues.


You may be asking yourself whats our charges right? We work a little differently than your regular I.T guys! We have a set call-out fee for your specific area and that will allow one of our professional certified technicians to come out to you and assess your problem which usually takes 15 - 20 minutes, thereafter the technician will advise you on the solutions and options and have you up and running in no time!

For most solutions we charge by the solution and not by the hour ensuring you as the client know what you are in for. There are only certain solutions that have a variable solution time that will fall under our hourly charge however this will be advised by our friendly agents beforehand.  Get your yourself an Xpert technician thats experienced, efficient and will solve your problem, the Xpert way.

Our Call-Out Fee

Pc Xperts

Our Call-Out Fee Makes It Affordable For Everyone. From Basic Home Users To Business Users. Our call-out fee for our level 1 radius is R399 and will increase for areas under level 2 and 3


Have Your Computer Or Laptop Attended To By Our Professional Xperts In The Comfort Of Your Home Or Office.

Established in 2009 Pc Xperts Is An On-Site & Remote, Support Professional & Affordable Computer, Laptop & Network Repair, Sales, Service & Support Xpert For Your Home, Office and Business Based In Johannesburg and surrounding areas. Open On Weekends And Extended Call-Out Times.

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WiFi, Wireless, Internet & Fibre


Speed Optimization


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Data Recovery & Sanitization


Windows Errors & Repairs


Remote Support


Microsoft Office


Firewall & Security Solutions


Cloud Computing


Apple Mac Errors and Repairs


Insurance Approved Reports


Local & Cloud Backup Solutions

Laptop Batteries & Chargers


Laptops Screens & Keyboards


Custom Workstations & Gaming PCs


SSD & RAM Upgrades


Anti-Virus Firewall Solutions


WiFi Extenders & Routers


UPS & Backup Power


Ethernet Network Cabling


HD Webcam - eg Zoom, MS Teams


Printer Consumables and Repairs


New & Refurbished Laptops & Desktops


Personalized Emails & Website Domains

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we don't "lose" your data!


Your privacy is our priority!

When your computer asks you to contact your system administrator they mean us!

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We service almost all of Gauteng, Including but not limited to Johannesburg, Johannesburg North, Johannesburg South, Midrand, West Rand, East Rand

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